About Us

The Balance of Trade was founded as a result of our shared passion for financial markets and education. We’re fascinated by the continual evolution of financial markets, and we think it is imperative for everyone who participates in them to keep up on how market dynamics are shifting and evolving.

A prime example of the evolution of financial markets is the advent of products facilitating the trading of volatility, about which we’ve written extensively. New markets are regularly being developed, and the dynamics of existing markets often shift in the blink of an eye.

Because of the complexity of financial markets, it can be quite overwhelming to maintain an edge, but with proper training and resources, we believe that just about anyone who is committed can be successful as a trader, investor, or some combination of the two.

Whether you’re new to the world of finance, or you’re looking to fine-tune a complex trading strategy, we believe that we can help you increase your potential for success in both a cost effective and efficient manner.

If you’d like some more information, feel free to take a look at some of the articles we’ve written, or reach out to us either by filling out our contact form or by sending an email to thebalanceoftrade@gmail.com. You can also learn more about the services we offer by clicking here.


Our Team

Adam Zingg, CFA

Adam blends insights on trading and investment with his rich enjoyment of education and community in his day-to-day activities. Adam sees the current investment landscape not only as fascinating, but also subject to important changes, with powerful cross currents likely to impact the investment landscape in the reasonably near future. During his career Adam has pursued work in sales, analysis, consulting, trading, and teaching. He has spent time working for a major market maker for S&P options on the floors of both the CME and the CBOE. He has also traded options on his own account, and has taught math, finance and economics classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Adam holds dual Master’s degrees from the University of Michigan: A Master of Science in Financial Engineering, and a Master of Arts in Applied Economics.  

Personal pursuits involve a lifelong passion for long-term travel, hearty food and craft beer, guitar, skiing, watching hockey, and great conversation with authentic people.  He and his wife Lindsay have been married since 2003, and while they frequently drive each other crazy, they are still very much in love.  Raising their son and daughter, Luke and Serenna, to be caring, inquisitive, and resourceful individuals is their highest goal.


Phillip Creecy

Phil has been trading the futures market full-time for the last three years, primarily focusing on short-term trading of Crude Oil, Gold, and the S&P 500. His trading strategies would likely be classified as a facet of Technical Analysis, though he feels that a more appropriate description would be as a combination of Market Psychology and Market Structure.

His interest in the financial markets stemmed from the search for a new competitive outlet after the completion of his collegiate baseball career at Arizona Christian University. With help and guidance from Adam, who was one of his finance professors at the time, his interest in the financial markets grew into a new career.

Along with Adam, Phil co-founded The Balance of Trade with the goal in mind of reaching a wide variety of market participants, looking to help traders and investors alike by growing their toolkit of available trading resources. Phil’s personal goal is to offer you a look inside the head of a short-term trader, identifying similarities that occur in price movements on any conceivable time-frame, and helping you to use this information to build or bolster your personal market strategy.


David LaJeunesse

David joined The Balance of Trade in September 2017, and works mostly on the administrative side of the business, though he also helps Phil and Adam with writing, editing, research, and strategy.

He earned his Bachelors in Finance & Economics from Grand Canyon University, where he fell in love with finance as a result of taking Adam’s “Fundamentals of Finance” class. Upon graduation, he worked for Vanguard, and very much enjoyed it, though he eventually decided to leave in order to spend some time travelling and help Phil and Adam with The Balance of Trade.

In his spare time, David enjoys hiking, philosophy, and meeting new and interesting people.